Recordings of Past Events

Michael Sullivan: Oct 2022

We were very pleased to have our very own homegrown architect Michael O’Sullivan of B/OS Architecture as the Futuna Guest Lecturer for 2022.

Michael comes from a unique background and set of experiences and has developed an approach to his architecture that is distinctive, pragmatic and beautiful in its resolution and execution. He talks about the work of B/OS Architecture and look at recent, current and future projects as he describes the processes of designing, drawing, and delivering the unique architectural experiences, with generous sprinklings of his personal architectural philosophy and learnings to date.

Conservation and Restoration of Heritage: Nov 2022

In November 2022, Futuna Chapel hosted a range of events for Wellington Heritage Week. One of these was a discussion of conservation architecture.  

Elizabeth Cox, architectural historian and editor of the recently published book “Making Space – A History of New Zealand Women in Architecture”, introduced two architects, Chessa Stevens and Lianne Cox, who talked about their work in the expanding realm of the conservation and restoration of heritage buildings and sites in NZ.

Chessa Stevens, a contributor to the book, is a conservation architect and works as an independent heritage consultant in private practice based in Wellington. Her talk will be about assessment and conservation of heritage. Lianne Cox, one of the architects included in the book Making Space practices as a Heritage Architect and is a principal of Studio Pacific Architecture in Wellington. Her presentation, entitled Heritage Stories, will include a number of interesting projects she has been involved in recent years.

‘Hide it or Show it’: Engineer Alistair Cattanach: October 2021

Structural engineer Alistair Cattanach of Dunning Thornton’s illustrated talk about seismic strengthening of NZ heritage buildings, presented at Futuna Chapel 31 October 2021. Alistair and the team at Dunning Thornton have contributed significantly to the restoration and retention and strengthening of Wellington’s architectural heritage. Alistair is passionate about architecture and believes in the multi-discipline approach to design of appropriate seismic strengthening solutions. Alistair’s knowledge of the non-structural disciplines allows these opportunities to be fully explored.

Virtual Futuna: October 2021


An illustrated presentation by Victoria University of Wellington which examines the photogrammetry documentation of heritage buildings and its potential application in research studies and public dissemination. The interior of the Futuna Chapel was documented using photogrammetry – a process to digitally stitch together 2D images to generate a 3D virtual reality model.

The Art of Restoration: Carolina Izzo, October 2021

Carolina Izzo talks about her restoration of the Futuna Christ figure made by Jim Allen, and her restoration of the Jim Allen’s Stations of the Cross, and the things she learned during her work.

Chilean Architect Alejandro Aravena: 2015

In 2015, Chilean Architect Alejandro Aravena, from Elemental, presented the Futuna Lecture at Futuna Chapel in Wellington. Later in 2015, Aravena would be named the Director of the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale. In January 2016, Aravena was named as the recipient of the Pritzker Prize, architecture’s highest honour.

Concerts at Futuna

Watch a selection of our concerts held at Futuna here: