Watch: Conservation and Restoration: Public Talk

Conservation and Restoration: Public Talk

In November 2022, Futuna Chapel hosted a range of events for Wellington Heritage Week. One of these was a discussion of conservation architecture.  

Elizabeth Cox, architectural historian and editor of the recently published book “Making Space – A History of New Zealand Women in Architecture”, introduced two architects, Chessa Stevens and Lianne Cox, who talked about their work in the expanding realm of the conservation and restoration of heritage buildings and sites in NZ.

Chessa Stevens, a contributor to the book, is a conservation architect and works as an independent heritage consultant in private practice based in Wellington. Her talk will be about assessment and conservation of heritage.

Lianne Cox, one of the architects included in the book Making Space practices as a Heritage Architect and is a principal of Studio Pacific Architecture in Wellington. Her presentation, entitled Heritage Stories, will include a number of interesting projects she has been involved in recent years.

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