One thought on “The Jesus Figure – Light”

  1. During the early years of my marriage, my sanity was quite often saved by the peace and serenity of the chapel, and the kindness of the fathers. Our house was in Hatton Street, well within walking distance. I could leave our home in the middle of the night, knowing that our son was safe with his father and walk round to Futuna, which was always open. No matter the hour, there was always a father came to talk to me, and calmed my troubled soul. St. Ninians Presbyterian Church, my main place of worship, was a comfort, but not in the middle of the night when my need for spiritual comfort was at its most extreme. It is at such times the Church is most needed – of whichever denomination I have never found the spirit of God so strong in any other structure in any other country, other than my St. Andrew’s Parish Church in Dundee, Scotland. I hope and pray is returned to is former beauty and continues to a perfect “healer”.

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